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RTE 2 Wireless Headphones

RTE 2 Wireless Headphones

Combining high-quality sound with wireless convenience, Samson’s RTE 2 Wireless Headphones deliver a liberating entertainment experience. Ultra-comfortable, low-profile styling and high-protein leather cushioning make them ideal for a mobile way of life.

  • Ideal for high-quality music playback in mobile settings
  • Bluetooth® connectivity to wirelessly stream audio
  • Built-in rechargeable lithium ion battery
  • 10+ hours of full-level listening, 200 hours on standby
  • Onboard microphone for hands-free phone calls
  • aptX® streaming and NFC touch pairing supported
  • Flat-fold, on-ear design with high-protein leather cushioning
  • Premium 40mm drivers with rare earth magnets
  • Detachable USB charging and audio cables
  • Protective carry case included
  • US Price: $99.99


Wireless Headphones


Wireless Freedom

As a pioneer in wireless audio technology for over 30 years, Samson has been cutting the chord since our inception. Never sacrifice reliable audio quality for convenience. In any environment, the RTE 2s let you have your music your way.

Mobile Comfort

Featuring high-protein leather cushioning, the RTE 2s provide extreme comfort during long listening sessions. Their ultra-lightweight, adjustable on-ear design makes them the perfect choice for everything from fitness workouts to watching Netflix on your mobile device.



Hands-Free Call Control

The RTE 2s offer an integrated microphone and 1-touch call/answer control, so you can take calls without ever having to look at your phone. Tapping the ear cups also controls Play, Pause, Volume and playlist navigation.


Ready to stop or go at a moments notice, the RTE 2s are designed to sit comfortably and stylishly around your neck. They also come with a slim deluxe travel case with storage for all your accessories.