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The Samson Story

At home or in the studio, Samson has always strived to improve the user experience with innovative technology and design.

Samson’s roots trace back to 1980, when the company was first established in the basement of a New York music store. At the time, major touring acts were just beginning to embrace wireless microphone technology, but the high cost and complex operation of these early wireless systems prevented most musicians from using them. Samson’s mission of providing aspiring musicians with well-crafted, affordable tools began with wireless and has since broadened to include products for the studio and other live sound reinforcement areas, including speakers, power amplifiers, mixers and more.

Samson set out to spread the power of music by bridging the gap between musicians and their audience. This has been accomplished with the development of a line of headphones that faithfully capture the musical process, seamlessly connecting musicians to the listener. Users directly connect to the creative process, as even the most subtle elements are unveiled. From mic and instrument positioning to effects and EQ choice, every nuance exposes the sweat and sacrifice of musical creation. Samson headphones provide a truly gratifying experience in sound, comfort and design.